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Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions


The most typical situation in most companies is that the greatest part of customer master data and business partner data lies spread around in heterogeneous CRM systems. The quality of this data is of fundamental importance for all processes relying upon it, such as marketing campaigns, sales activities and business intelligence analyses.

No matter what process is involved, company data must always be accurate, complete, up-to-date, and free of any redundant items. Only then can its full potential be exploited.

This means that the data must have an optimal quality level irrespective of the business application involved. However, securing all points of entry of the data, and the combination of batch and real-time processing, both present a real challenge during daily business.

Our Solutions

We offer a wide range of individual cloud solutions. The emphasis is on validating and correcting data, removal of redundant items and enrichment with additional information. No matter whether you just want to periodically optimise your business master data by batch processing, or protect your stocks at every point of entry. We have the best possible solution and will support you with competent consultation and with implementation.