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Data Migration

Data Migration

When moving to a new CRM we will manage the migration of all your data.                                                      

First step in Data Migration

At some time all companies arrive at a point when new applications must be introduced or data transferred to other systems, e.g., within the framework of the introduction of CRM solutions or Legacy systems. Consolidation of data from redundant systems with widely varying source and target structures presents a major challenge.

Poor data quality caused by duplicates, inaccurate or incorrect data, or differing data structures in source and target systems, all make the data migration project – and thus the working effectiveness with the new system – far more difficult. If these problems are first identified in the new system, this will affect acceptance by your employees. Therefore, attention must be paid to ensuring high quality data immediately during data migration – if not – the data migration project will be endangered.

In many cases, the complexity and magnitude of data migration is underestimated. Our experience shows that the actual demands on data made by processes are often neglected. But questions can arise, such as:

Which processes require what data?
Which processes require what data?
What data is necessary?
How does data enter the target system?
What can be done to make sure that only high quality data is transferred during data migration?

We examine and answer these questions together with the specialist and use the information gained to decide upon a migration plan. Together we develop the migration scenario most suitable for your needs and requirements, and where optimising data quality has the highest priority. We successfully implement your migration project with tried-and-tested best practice methods. In time – and within budget.