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Data Cleansing

Data Cleansing

ASN Business Solutions help you to transfer your data smoothly.                                                          

How can data cleansing help you? 

When data analyses shows that your company data does not meet your demands, or when concrete data management projects are planned, it is high time to deal with the data quality. Data Cleansing is a service provided by ASN Business Solutions, where we evaluate the data any discrepancies and recommend data cleansing/improvement strategies.

The cleansing tool extracts the necessary customer data from the source systems with process enriches existing records with additional information, and identifies duplicates with their complex consolidation. With data cleansing (or data scrubbing) you cleanse your data stocks according to your own rules or rely upon wide ranging Best Practice settings.

Some of the benefits of data cleansing:

Data cleansing extracts customer data from the widest range of source systems, databases, files and applications
Aggregation and consolidation of the customer data to create a golden record
Loading cleansed, customer data into one or more target systems with the focus on fast and efficient processing of mass data