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CRM Support

CRM Support

CRM + Data Quality = the success factor for companies

In many companies, customer data can be found spread around in different applications and databases. It is not unusual for employees to also have their own file for “their” customers, and in some extreme cases they even set up their own CRM system.

The results are data silos and heterogeneous data sources and structures; and the overall customer view is lost. Service offers are vague and the high numbers of returned deliveries due to incorrect addresses increase the costs of customer mailing actions enormously. This situation is unsatisfactory both for customers and company employees. Outdated master datasets and high duplicate rates mean that your staff lose trust in the data, and because they cannot view all available information at a glance – the customer feels poorly treated.

Our Solution

Only when all customer master data is migrated into a CRM system can a 360° view of customer data be achieved, but data migration will only be fully successful when the data being transferred to the new system has the highest possible quality. This data will then be used as the basis for creating a golden record.

With our best practice approach, and as your supporting partner during migration, we not only ensure that your data is promptly available and in desired magnitude, but also ensure the highest quality – high enough to satisfy the demands of specialist departments. In concrete terms this means data stocks free of redundant items, with correct, up-to-date and fully-complete contact records. The data quality your business needs!

Your Advantages

The data quality needed for efficient CRM
Optimised data quality for efficient and profitable work
Support from an experienced consultant during the entire migration project
Reduced project risk with a structured best-practice model
Cost optimization with standardised methods
Permanent transparency for specialist fields and IT management